About Us

  • Incorporated in 1965, Dewan & Sons brings to you different metals in different shapes. We, as a corporation, are a leading manufacturer and exporter of brassware, galvanized and wrought iron items, aluminium ware, stainless steel utensils and EPNS ware. We are an amalgamation of very exclusive and exquisite products ranges from classic stainless steel bowls to beautifully shaped brass pots and vases. In our journey towards the excellence we have earned a remarkable reputation in these four decades and the reason behind our success is our high emphasis on customer satisfaction through quality products, timely delivery and the most competitive prices.

    Our highly experienced team of craftsmen pays attention to each and every move and is dedicated to meet all your requirements regarding products and finishes. Each item is classically and delicately carved in our manufacturing units with style and standard and is therefore much sought after by Indian and overseas customers.

    Metal craft designing and manufacturing is an art which wants a great experience along with very rigorous practical training to be a master and we believe that we have both the qualities which make us to deliver the best quality products.

  • Dewan and Sons is a low cost world-class manufacturer of high quality products. We warehouse and export handicrafts related products

    Dewan and Sons is striving to achieve world class level of performance in all our activities.To ensure our products and services are provided to our customers on time at the required quality and agreed price.Dewan and Sons maintains a Quality management system complying with ISO9001 : 2000.

    The management of Dewan and Sons is commited to developing and maintaining our quality system with the same enthusiasm we bring to meet the needs of our customers and developing our product range.The quality system provides a framework for establishing and reviewing our objectives as the stakeholders needs change and for measuring and continually improving our performance in meeting these objectives.

    The Management System itself and all employees at Dewan and Sons to the maintainance of and adherence to our integrated management system.This is mandatory for maintaining our market-leading position.How we follow our own system will have a direct bearing on customer satisfaction,company perofrmance and our future job security.

    For delievering the best quality products to our customers.We follow the five stage quality inspection process

  • To be India‚Äôs largest export house for providing world class quality handicrafts item (mainly combination of Metal and glass) with aim of increasing employment and growth every year protecting social & environmental aspects.

    We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. We build great products to solve your business problems. Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.

  • Dewan & Sons, is 8 times winner of the TOP National Award for Highest Exports (in its category)..

    The company has been awarded the First position in Uttar Pradesh State Safety and Welfare Awards in the category of the 'Best First Aid arrangements' in small scale industry..